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Safety Bolt M6-M20

Double expansion, heavy duty anchor for increased security.

The LIEBIG Safety bolt is a double expansion, heavy duty anchor which gives increased security for steel construction, railings, machinery and lifting systems. The torque indication domed washer gives a strong and controlled installation and the expansion sleeve design creates optimum frictional resistance, providing a high load capacity.

features of liebig safetybolt


Application of the installation torque causes the anchor’s two opposing cones to be drawn into the expansion sleeve. This causes the sleeve to be pressed against the sidewalls of the hole over its entire length and results in optimum frictional resistance and high load capacity in cracked and non-cracked concrete.


  • High capacity anchor for use in cracked and non-cracked concrete
  • Uniformed expansion of sleeve over entire length
  • Solid all-steel construction
  • Torque indication from domed washer
  • Custom lengths available on request
  • Cylindrical expansion with optimal friction resistance
  • Higher anchoring intensity from twin-cone design
  • Torque indication from domed washer