High performance critical fastening with full technical support

Structural engineers around the world are likely to know the LIEBIG anchoring brand over that of EJOT. The German owned EJOT Group has built its own reputation through the origination of metal roofing, cladding and insulation fasteners – innovative products for today’s building envelope.

The Acquisition of SORMAT in 2017 led to two of the world’s best companies in the Manufacturing Industry to come together; LIEBIG with exceptional anchoring technology for cracked and uncracked concrete and EJOT a leader in the fasteners market as they look to expand the range of products they offer.

LIEBIG products are designed for ultimate anchoring strength and recognised for their high engineered quality and the confidence they inspire. Modular in their design, all LIEBIG anchors can be quickly adapted to create bespoke solutions, lengths and assemblies quickly, and with technical proficiency.

BLS With hex nut, washer and threaded stud liebig safety bolt anchor BLS-P With hex nut, washer and threaded stud close up of anchor ILS With internally threaded sleeve safetybolt anchor